Monday, January 31, 2011


My mind is scattered and my speech is impaired. So I thought I should start a blog, to push myself into sharing, to tumble in the stream of internet presence and to connect with myself again with the help of others. I wonder who will listen. I lately find myself trying out all kind of things, surfing, knitting, reading, painting, writing, hiking, biking, cooking. I hardly keep doing any of it, not succeeding, not patient enough to really try. I buy a lot of stuff for the new stuff and keep it in my closet. Yesterday I bought a wetsuit and put it in my closet. Caught in the shallowness of our society (it is always others!) I unlearned how to learn something new, just rushing through the new, one by one, without pauses. So this blog is the newest tryout in the search of steadiness, calmness and peace of mind. I have to make liposomes now. I already know how to do it, it is routine. Sometimes I like it. Today I like it.


  1. first! :) good luck with your blog, i hope you will gain many many followers!! at least 5 or so! And good luck with your tryout hobbies.. I think knitting, at least you mastered.. ;)

  2. Okay I will aim at 5 followers:) thanks for being the first:)

  3. jeeejj. im following you too!!
    and once write about how to make liposomes! i do not know how to do that! and im using a lot of exclamation marks!!! (a long word for such a small sign) as always!!
    i have 15 followers now, after almost a year...
    and then there are blogs with 1000 followers.. how do they do it...
    good luck! how often are you going to write? :)

  4. that is what I ask myself as well, how to become a famous blogger???? maybe we can blog about this once?

    how often, let's see. daily maybe?

    and I promise, there will be a blog about liposomes, I guess then the fame will be guaranteed, hahahaha

  5. i know the answer: start a religion.

  6. but how to spread it? It is the same problem, you have to interest people...

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