Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tiger? Not Interested!

I confess, there are times (to my defense only a few), when I find myself doing things so I can post them on facebook. Yes, at times I crave attention.
The other day there was a big golf tournament behind the MB building at Scripps on that very golf course that blocks so inconveniently the ocean view. It happened to be that Americans fancied Tiger Woods again for his talented golfing, so he happened to be there, too. Because of another inconvenient building in front of the sparse windows in our lab, I could not watch him.
Let's make it clear, before he was known for his girlfriends I even did not know who Tiger Woods was, thinking that he was an imaginary character that I remember to be somehow mentioned in a movie once (Who would be called Tiger Woods in real?). Having the comments in mind that I would get on my facebook post stating I saw Tiger Woods, I teamed up with my co-worker (who I speculate had the same intention as I, but that is only speculation...) and ran outside to see him shoot/pitch/putt (however it is called:). My co-worker actually had to point Tiger out to me, because I even would not have recognized him.
We had a really good view and as soon as we had some nice pictures, we ran back to the lab to post them on facebook. I did not get any comment, not even a like, whereas my co-worker got plenty. I was so disappointed. At least I remember the joy of anticipation of admiring comments. Apparently my friends are more authentic than I am. May they be my role model in the future.


  1. This reminds me of a South Park clip on Tiger Woods: The point is that golf and Tiger Woods only became interesting to most people after his 'sex addiction' ("It's a disease!") came out. So I guess most of your friends think just like you (and didn't know him before the schandal), and that you would have a lot more comments if you took a photograph of Tiger with some woman...

  2. hihihi, good point. Yes I know the Southpark episode, really funny....

    How are you doing??

  3. i did not see any pictures on your facebook page, so did you delete them again? i would have surely commented you know.

  4. at least now ur blog will be found on google when people look for "tiger woods and women", so you might just have found your way to get a large audience...

  5. well, I only had this one pic via my colleague. maybe I am a facebook retard:)

    I just tried googling, but it doesn't come up. Did you try? But good idea for a marketing strategy:)

  6. in the settings, did you say yes to "Let search engines find your blog?" then you should be found... maybe it takes a little time.. but soon you should come up with those words.. add sylvia as well to be sure.. ;)

    ah, and please then also disable "word verification" so far spam has not been an issue on my blog... :D (now i always have to type weird words when commenting here)