Monday, February 7, 2011

Forgotten Treasures

Sometimes I forget that I live in such a rich habitat. Although almost being a desert, San Diego presents itself with a rich flora and fauna (mainly due to water irrigation systems). Last weekend I spent almost entirely at the beach and my friend and I saw the most amazing dolphin show. I witnessed dolphins a couple of times, but I never saw them doing tricks. Equipped with my new camera and thanks to daddy's generous donation of a better lens I tried to capture them. Of course I was not so lucky to catch their flips and their surfs but I captured them a few times jumping. It was amazing, really amazing. We saw a group of about ten animals hunting (I assume, reasoned by the frequent touch downs of near by pelicans) and surfing the waves. Supposedly they had a lot of fun. Even more surprising was the fact that nobody except us seemed to be excited by their feats. It is not very common to observe dolphins so close to the shore showing off what they usually would only learn at Sea World!
When we drove down to the beach I caught myself in a moment of surprise when I had the first glimpse of the ocean. Unfortunately I sometimes forget that I live here close to humming birds, dolphins and mountain lions, next to palm trees and cactuses. I hope I will remember more often, take a time out for a walk and observe.


  1. sounds great, really cool! if you were on your surfboard maybe you could have played with them.. :)

  2. I think I am too much a chicken to swim with them, they are still pretty big...

    I have to take some time to extract nice pics from the movies. The quality of the upload is not really good, I agree....

    but it was really really cool...