Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Start Over Again

Once a friend told me, that you can start over again every day. It seems simple advice but I never really thought about it that way before. Now, I remember it often and it very much motivates me to revisit things I let slide. The past two weeks have been start over days for me. I worked hard in the lab, biked to work, I began running, swimming and working out at the gym after a long pause, I write my blog (yeah:) and today I also went indoor climbing. I dabbled in climbing about eight years ago, back in Germany. How can it already be eight years? Since then I was thinking about it now and then, but never came to really do it. A member of my toastmaster club, as I learned, was going climbing and so I got my climbing gear together and finally went today. It was great. At first I was a little bit scared, whether I could still remember all the security measures, but it came naturally and we had a lot of fun. Now I am comfortably tired and look forward to sleep like a baby!
As I mentioned before in my blog, I find it really difficult to make something a routine and I often have weeks like these. I start many activities and am all excited about them. No question, that from now on I will do whatever I want every day or every week or every month. But after a (unfortunately usually short) while my enthusiasm fades away and everything stops. However, the advice my friend gave me provides  comfort. It might still be difficult to develop a routine but there is always the chance to start it up again. In the end I just have to decrease the time between the start ups, right?
So this was not so difficult and I hope there will be another post before the end of the week. Now I will sleep my desired baby sleep.....


  1. how was your sleep!
    now its time for another blog post again.... :D
    yes, yes, sometimes i do think; oh, i just go home, forget those stupid western blots... tomorrow they will still be there. and, sometimes unfortunately, they are always still there.. only i have then sometimes forgotten what i did...

  2. jaa, je hebt gelijk.... ik hoop vandag! sylvie