Friday, July 15, 2011


One of the main arteries at the west coast is the I5. At around LA the I5 actually splits into the I405 to release the weight of the traffic a little bit and to service the west part of town (that is just my interpretation, but I think it sounds good). This weekend officials decided to close the I405  for the weekend to widen one of the bridges I believe. Actually while I am writing they are probably closing off the first parts. 

This decision will probably put LA into a chaos for the next three days, at least that is what everybody is afraid of. National newspaper write about the CARMAGEDDON, celebrities appear in PSA (personal service announcements) and one airline even offers $4 dollar flights to bridge the close off. Shops offer reduced prices for all kind of things that you can do this weekend, get 20% off for a photograph of your pet, for example. Or reduced prices for tattoos. Typically American everything will be commercialized. I am curious about the Carmageddon here in LA. Some people speculate that it will be like the Y2K change (year 200 change, I had to think a little while first). Everybody will stay home and there will be actually less traffic than usual.

I actually cheated the chaos and drove up to LA already on Thursday night. The roads were perfectly free and I had a smooth ride. However, again I am fighting my own carpocalypse. Since I bought the car I have problems with my cooling system. now almost every part in that system had to be replaced and I made my mechanic really happy, while I just feel like a stupid woman that pays a lot of unnecessary mechanic bills. But still the car is not okay and actually gets worse. So again I will have to bring it to the mechanic on Monday, provided I make it back to San Diego in one piece.  This time I will bring it to somebody else, who did my smog check last week and actually noticed that it s still not okay. So let's see. Basically only the Thermostat is left to be replaced and now I even know how it works. Anyway, I wish I could repair my car myself....


  1. jeeejj! now i finally know what carmageddon is, i saw it on the news i believe, but i was listening to music (i tried to run), so had no clue what it was about.
    how is LA?
    i really hope to soon come that way! but right now its all even more complicated than it was before...

  2. Most people don't like LA because of all the traffic. I often am in Santa Monica and Santa Monica is really nice. It is true that you better leave the car at home, because there is hardly any parking, but apart from that there is more street life than in SD (no street live at all:).

    You will probably like LA with its Museums and freakish people to watch. I do not like Hollywood because of all the freaks, but you might like it?:)

  3. carmageddon used to be a videogame, where you had to run people over in your car.