Monday, July 9, 2012


Since a little while ago we have the tradition of drinking wine with my roomies once in a while when everybody feels a bit down. Tonight was such an evening. I enjoy those evenings, not so much because of the wine, which I of course like, but more about our conversations. Usually we end up with the same topics. Most likely, we will cover social security in Germany, France and the US. Then we will somehow talk about food and most often we will talk about 80s and 90s TV series. This is especially delighting, because my roommate knows all the title songs and if we don't know the translation to the German or French show, we would always get to hear the famous melody of The A-team or some Japanese comic and then we would say; Oh yeah, I remember this one...

Another favorite topic are experiences with alcohol. Now that we are in our 30s, we are most moderate and get sleepy after one or two glasses of wine, but back then... Today we covered quite some time with puke. Of course I had my own experiences with puke and alcohol when I was young, but somehow I got really insensitive to it. I especially hate it in comic series, like South Park. I have to look away otherwise...

Well, maybe this is not so entertaining for you, but I enjoyed our drinking night quite some and somehow I wanted to share our multi-cultural experience in our house.



  1. puke....?
    we covered quite some time with puke. hahahahahaha! :D

  2. i hope you did not cover any furniture.. or your roommates.

  3. oh maybe it is on puke?? At least nobody did puke:)