Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brave New World

I was recently encouraged again to write my blog and honestly I think about it quite often. However, as so many things, it never happens. So this is a another try for tryout. I just noticed that my last entry was not that long ago and was actually posted on the birthday of a loved one, which brings me to my current post. Just a few minutes ago, I was talking to a friend on the phone and we noticed that it has become so difficult to send packages off in time for somebody's birthday. I have noticed this in myself so often and also others tell me the same thing. Why has such a simple thing become so difficult? Our lives are so filled with little bits, that I just feel like running behind this and that.

What is the solution? you might ask. I honestly don't know. I sometimes keep telling myself a German saying: Was du heute kannst besorgen, dass verschiebe nicht auf morgen. My favorite translation is: A stitch in time saves nine. Sometimes it helps, well, sometimes it doesn't.

At least today I wrote a blog, instead of putting it off again for a new years resolution.

So Merry Christmas everybody, oh wait, that already passed....

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