Monday, February 14, 2011

Tootsie Roll Bar

I was sick and couldn't eat anything else than bananas, rice crackers and veggie broth. Very boring, really boring!! This morning, after negotiating a real breakfast with my stomach, I found some Tootsie Roll Bars in my lab. I love Tootsie Roll. Last year around Halloween I discovered them and they are delicious. In Germany we have something similar. Imagine chocolate gold coins, we have them as well (only they are Euros), but now they are made of Tootsie Roll, yummy. It was always a special candy to me, because mostly you got chocolate gold coins and only sometimes when you were lucky, it was actually made of Tootsie Roll (only we don't have a name for it). You can buy them usually around Christmas, like CaT's mandarijnen (I miss them too, sometimes you get the good ones here, but usually only the ones with the difficult peel. I am getting side tracked here. As with everything in the States, there are giant Tootsie Rolls, too. A whole bar of Tootsie Roll, no chocolate, no filling, just Tootsie Roll. Fantastic. I'll get another one, before my colleagues are going to finish them:)


  1. i think i dont know what tootsie rolls are. but i like reese's peanut butter cups a lot, and also oreo cookies... both extremely unhealthy, but yumyumyum!!!!
    i do miss kinderchocolade...

  2. sylvia! we are waiting again for a new post! ;)
    see, blogging is not easy..... :)