Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dutch Wobbling

Yesterday CaT asked whether I was disappointed by the Dutch and I have to say, no I wasn't but neither am I by the Americans, or lets say Californians. I like the people and the country. It's the land of the smile, sometimes the fake smile, but I don't care. It makes me happy at times.
Still thinking about the Dutch, I rather recollect funny encounters, things that might be a bit strange, but not annoying. I even would have difficulties to really name them. However, this morning I rediscovered my Dutch influences. I bought a new bike, because my old one was stolen by a mean thief. It is a fancy bike but it reminded me a lot of Dutch bikes, because I sit almost upright and the seat is really squashy. Unfortunately, the price was not Dutch at all. Needless to say, I enjoy riding it a lot. This morning now, when I rode it the first time to work, I realized that I do, what makes foreigners grin watching Dutch bikers. I wobble to the left and right while pedaling.  I watched other cyclists, but none of them did it. Just my shadow constantly changed position. It feels much easier to ride wobbling; who than the Dutch would have perfected biking? It looks less cool, though, I have to admit. What a delicious nostalgic feeling.


  1. :D
    oh sylvia! i am always thinking about the movement during biking when im at the gym, nowadays. because i do move there.... and i notice the others are stiff and still... but the others are also taking it easy while im giving all my energy.. :)
    but always, always, since you told me, i think: oh, i move while biking.
    and no, i wasnt aware of this. and yes, i did sometimes notice it with other bikers (some are really extreme; and i always found it funny, but i didnt think i was a "wobbler"... but i am.
    oh, how dutch! :D

  2. hahahaha you are nuts :D wobbling bikers? i never noticed...