Monday, June 20, 2011

Alles Kaese

Yesterday evening I took on the travel to Carlsbad, CA. Located in Carlsbad is Tip-Top-Meats, a German Supermarket. Since I am here I am craving German Cheesecake, Kaesekuchen. I tried American Cheesecake, which is prepared with Cream Cheese and it is not really my favorite taste. Browsing google for the key ingredient, Quark (I would describe it as a mixture of sour cream and cream cheese), I never found any shop where I could buy quark. I felt so disappointed. Until recently, when a friend told me about a German supermarket in Carlsbad. I called them up and of course they had quark, imported from Canada. Having the yummy Kaesekuchen in mind I got into my car and cruised along the I5 to Carlsbad. 

Right next to the entrance I fell into the fridge with quark, which did not only give me the prospect of a yummy cake but also had a yummy price. Well, it is imported, right? Of course I did not stop with the quark. Into my basket also went Milka Chocolate, Bahlsen Waffeln, a glass of Rotkraut, my favorite salad dressing, Jagdwurst und Senfgurken, lecker!  Kloesse, I left for next time.

As soon as I came home I ate a big slice of Jagdwurst and started to prepare the cheesecake. Of course, I was not patient enough to wait and call my mother for the recipe (blame the time change) and so I pulled out a recipe from the internet. The mix seemed really liquid, but as I am not really familiar with baking, I just put everything in the oven.

It did not really look right. I rather had a boiling soup in my spring-form pan than a cheesecake, I was so disappointed. But with time it looked a bit better, but not really good. I consulted my baking specialist and followed the advice to leave it longer at a lower heat. Et voila, it indeed worked. The cake is still a little bit moist, but so so so yummy. 

Now I have to find out, how to make Quark myself and in a year I will be all wobbly and chubby from all the Kaesekuchen that I made....

If you want to try:

1 kg Quark 
200 g sugar
125 g butter 
1 pack vanilla sugar
1 pack Vanilla pudding
4 eggs
juice of 1 lemon

mix everything and let it bake for 60- 70 min at 175 C (350 F, well it took me more like 1.5 hr). 

People vary it with all kind of fruits. My mother, I think, also adds some baking powder. Instead of quark, one might also try sour cream or Ricotta, let me know, if it works....


  1. yumyum.. i have a nice recipe too, somwhere at home and i should make it once again, but mine is indeed with creamcheese, mixed with white chocolate, eggs and a bit of orange juice... on top go cranberries there were slowly boiled in port-wine. yumyumyum. the bottom should be from speculaasjes, crushed... :D
    anyhow, i noticed our oven is also not as good as the one i had at home. is the temperature not really correct? is it the way it is heated? i dont know, but it takes much longer to bake stuff here than at home. although... home is now here, for me, for now.. :)

  2. most people here have a thermometer in their ovens. there are also different kind of ovens I think, but I do not know the english words....

    so many yummy things.... wish I had a cook, or better not:)

  3. ohja, ik heb nog een vraag.
    weet jij of ze hier witte basterd-suiker hebben? en hoe heet dat dan? (bastard-sugar? :D)

  4. wat is witte basterd suiker?? Puderzucker? is he een heel fijn gemalen zuiker? the dictionary says icing sugar or powdered sugar.

    I did not look for it yet, so I am not sure, but I will ask Neema, he is a big baker...

  5. nee, het is geen poedersuiker. maar het is wel anders dan gewone suiker. minder fijn dan poedersuiker, en fijner dan gewone suiker en het lijkt soms een beetje nat.... klinkt dat heel gek?