Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today I read a newspaper article by a journalist who also happens to be an illegal immigrant. Coming to the US as a child, not knowing at first that his papers were fake, he struggled himself through the system, fearing to be caught, working very hard to convince himself and the rest of the (US)world that he deserved to be an American. What a brave teenager and young man.

Being legal but alien myself, I have to think about this matter very often. When I moved to the Netherlands, I for the first time appreciated the European Union. There was hardly any paperwork and no restrictions. You just pack your stuff and go. I did not feel like a foreigner. Coming to the US was a little bit more adventurous with visits to the embassy and the constant thought in mind, what if they send me home. At first I even wondered wether I would be allowed to walk on grass here, afraid of being arrested and send back to Germany. I hope you only mildly judge my naivete and childishness, but also I watched too much TV.  

However, to me it is a strange feeling to be allowed here only under certain circumstances, how must it feel to somebody who is actually illegal. Thinking about it, I understand that nations want to protect their properties and resources, but somehow the whole concept of nationality seems odd.

I am proud to be American, shouldn't it be to be glad to be an American? What is the achievement to be born in this country? Not all Americans are as hard working as for example this illegal journalist. 

The US seems to thrive with the help of their immigrants alike Germany did in the 60s and probably still does today. I hope they will have more respect one day. 

Once again, I am happy that I was so lucky to be born in a developed part in this world and not somewhere else.


  1. yes, it scares me too. being here based on a job. no job? get out within 30 days! its scary..
    but... for example russian people are in the same situation in the netherlands. on top of that; they have to get an X-ray every whatever months to check for TB...
    when people populated the earth, trouble came.. :)

  2. What they have to get an X-ray every so many month! I guess we are really lucky to come from where we come from...

  3. Immigration is always a complex issue. I would have to say that xenophobia is universal, and equality is always associated with economical compatibility.

  4. I HATE ALL LAWS AGAINST IMMIGRATION. I want to open every border, and accept the economical consequences. The notion of ownership of any country is ridiculous. Just because you are born there. On top of this; illegal immigrants can not pay taxes so they can not contribute to society.

  5. yes I find all politics so complex, how can politicians stand it?

    Tim: I think many illegal immigrants here, like the guy in the newspaper article actually already pay taxes. but yeah the majority probably does not....