Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Diego County Fair

Yesterday, we went to the San Diego County Fair. Thanks to the courtesy of our international office J1 Visa holders receive a free ticket every year. After 2 hours of stop and go and an almost over-heated car (scary) we finally got a parking spot and dove into the stream of fair visitors. The fair is in Del Mar since 1936 and started out as an agricultural fair. Still today one can marvel at goats and cows and bet in pig races or ride horses. We even saw two elephants making their rounds with spectators on their back.

Nowadays the main attraction might be the rides in roller-coasters and merry-go-rounds next to the flurry of deep fried food. Please notice the nurse with the defibrillator on the billboard. This years highlight is deep fried Kool-Aid. But also deep fried butter or deep fried brownies. I thought the Dutch frying habits were weird, but the Americans clearly win the race. We finally tried a twisted tater sausage, which was a sausage with a kind of twirled potato chip twisted around. Part from the tons of salt it was not  so bad.

But the fair does not only offer heart attack indulgences, but also has huge art exhibits. Kids, high-school and professional artists show off their drawings, paintings and photographs. We spend about 2 hours only in the art exhibits and did not even see everything. I felt inspired to draw and paint more, but also a bit discouraged because my drawing and painting is not very good. Another highlight is the garden show and all the concerts that take place during the fair.

My favorite moment was when we went with an old fashioned Tea-Cup carousel. It was clearly for kids, because we hardly could fit into it, but it was so much fun. We turned really fast and I had to laugh so hard.


  1. ik wil bitterballen!!!!
    and i defenitely think that americans fry quite a bit more and dough is everywhere. but the dough is often awful and tasteless or salty when it should be sweet, or the other way around. thats why i dont really like pies here; the dough does not fit the pie! but now im complaining....

  2. ik wil kaassoufle:) I never dare to try the fried things here... but yeah many things here tasted much different than you expect them to taste.

    Iasked Neema about that sugar, but it did not ring a bell with him. I guess I do not know, what it is. maybe Tim can bring some when he goes to Nederland.

    Btw, in the German Supermarket they also had Hagelslaag:)

  3. i certainly can :D i will bring some hagelslag too maybe :)

  4. yes, i suddenly also want hagelslag! barely ate it in the netherlands, but now i want it!!