Monday, June 27, 2011

The San Diego Weather Dilemma

San Diego is Americas finest city. The majority of its reputation is probably due to its good weather, the winters are very mild and the summers not too hot. But whereas every other place in the northern hemisphere is happy about summer right now after long winters, San Diegans might be complaining. The offender? The marine layer! May Grey and June Gloom darken the hearts of San Diegans. Woken up by nose tickling sunbeams one is tricked into a good mood. Energetically, plans are made to go to the beach. Packed up with towels and boogie boards and oiled with sunblock one gets into the car full of expectations. But only after a few minutes drive one faces the dark front of the marine layer. Thick and non-transparent mist ruins the beautiful ocean view. Only a few hundred meters further East is the most beautiful sunshine but no splashing water fun. 

Often we are lucky and the sun is strong and burns the marine layer off. So not all the thrill of anticipation was spoiled. Last year though, we've been unlucky and June gloom persisted from March until December. June is almost over, so far the sun did its job. I assume I speak for many San Diegans when I say: we hope this year will be sunny and San Diego will be Americas finest city again.


  1. last year we had exactly one week of summer. and i was out of town for it...

  2. hahahaha, I feel sorry for you, I am positive that this year will be better!

  3. as a boy with autism said in the book i was reading yesterday (and it was good because i had to cry at the ending)

    People are stupid because when it is sunny out it makes them happy, and when it is raining it makes them sad, but they go into their office all day and the weather does not have any effect on their work so it does not make sense.

    Mark Haddon, The curious incident with the dog in the nighttime

  4. that is the worst dilemma, because when it is nice outside, it is sometimes really hard to go to the lab. but I did not want to be even more complaining. Although I do not completely agree, I think the weather changes your mood and it is hard to neglect that....

    liked the book, too...